Low Carb Whole foods Diabetes Health and Weight Loss Program : Eat To Beat Diabetes

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12 Weeks to better Health
Low Carb Whole foods Diabetes Health and Weight Loss Program

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What is Eat to Beat Diabetes?

Eat to Beat Diabetes is a 12-week on-line program designed to help people with diabetes and pre-diabetes improve their health through a lower-carbohydrate, healthy fat, whole-foods approach to eating. 

Why should you join the Eat to Beat Diabetes program?

Our program is different

While information about food is an important part of a lower carb-eating plan, there is much more to making the transition and maintaining this way of eating for the longer term than simply the advice on what to eat. Our program goes further than many lower carb programs that only provide meals and recipes. We have plenty of delicious recipes of course but equally important is that our experience has allowed us to anticipate and offer solutions to challenges you may face along the way.  

Throughout our program we provide information and solutions on such things as how to get back on track after a lapse, recognizing the signs of carbohydrate addiction along with strategies to avoid it and finding the place at which a lower carb way of eating becomes a pleasure for you rather than a “life sentence”.


Potential benefits of the program:

  • Lower blood glucose levels
  • Reduced hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Improvements in acid reflux and bloating
  • More favorable lipid profile (lower triglycerides, improved cholesterol/HDL ratio)
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood and sense of well-being
  • Reduction of medications


We understand what’s involved

We know that people come at low carb in different ways. Some jump right in, cut out all sugars and starches and don’t look back. Others may choose to start more slowly and make gradual changes.

  • With the experience we’ve had in helping people to make the transition to low carb eating, as well as experiencing this for ourselves and in our own families, we believe we are well equipped to guide you too.
  • We also recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all for low carb eating. Some people like to be super-strict, while others do better with more leeway and freedom. We have tried to take these differences into account in our program so that you can choose your own path for the long-term. 


No-Obligation 7-day trial

We offer a no-obligation 7-day trial after you sign up and start the program. This gives you access to the first week of the program and includes food lists, the first week menu, over 30 recipes and some great advice to get you started.


Value for money

We are confident that you will see benefits of our low carb approach as early as 7 days after starting. If this is the case and you wish to continue with the program after your 7-day trial, the cost is $69.95 AUD, payable via PayPal.

What will you receive as part of the Eat to Beat Diabetes program?

Guidance from experienced health professionals on eating to improve diabetes control using an evidence-based, lower-carbohydrate approach. 

Weekly meal plans

You will start with 3 low carb meals and snacks plus fruit and cream or yoghurt at the evening meal for the first week, after which there are optional additions such as dark chocolate or a glass of alcohol in the evening meal. Starting in the third week, alternatives to favourite foods will be introduced. This includes delicious recipes for low carb alternatives to bread, rice, pasta, crackers and sweets, as well as ideas for special occasions from a birthday party to afternoon tea with friends.

Over 100 delicious low carb recipes

ETBD caters for vegetarians, pescitarians and those who enjoy all types of foods. Our recipes have been compiled by Jennifer’s daughter Jeanne, who not only has first hand experience in this way of eating having been low carb for over 10 years, she is a also a qualified and talented cook. Meals are delicious, based on everyday ingredients (except maybe for Jeanne’s favorite spaghetti squash recipe) and do not require cordon bleu expertise. 

Motivational and informative handouts on a variety of topics, including:

◦ Mood and food
◦ Carbohydrate Burners vs Storers
◦ Establishing new habits
◦ How strict do I need to be?
◦ Staying on track
◦ Carbohydrate addiction
◦ Why am I tired after breakfast?
◦ Keeping the brain healthy
◦ Why am I always hungry?
◦ Is type 2 diabetes a disease?
◦ Reversing fatty liver
◦ Sweeteners
◦ Identifying insulin resistance
◦ How do I get back on track?
◦ Healthy bones
◦ Healthy gut
◦ How can I reduce my fasting BGL?
◦ Cholesterol for good health
◦ Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?
◦ What about fructose?
◦ Saturated fat and heart disease
  ........ and more.

Information for your doctor explaining the benefits of the program and potential need for adjustment of medication

Advice on long-term maintenance after the program is completed 



Low Carb Whole foods Diabetes Health and Weight Loss Program